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Special Forces veterans hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail in 2017 to raise funds for The Green Beret Foundation.  


The Hike is complete!   Over 1300 miles northbound and 900 miles southbound!   Final Linkup Ceremony was at 1200 noon, 21 August 2017, at the Mohican Outdoor Center, New Jersey.    Great to be finished with an important project and know we've raised funds for a very caring Foundation!

CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS:   In the year 2017, US Army Special Forces veterans hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail to raise funds to support our wounded brothers and the families of those Killed in Action.   There will be 2 teams.   One will begin in Georgia in April and hike north.    The other will begin in Maine in May and hike south.   They will meet in New Jersey in August.  The hikers will move in relay fashion, in other words, hikers will hike a specific section of the trail and then pass the flag to the SF veteran who is hiking the next section.     About 50 SF veterans will participate.

The Green Beret:  US Army Special Forces originated as an unconventional warfare unit of the US Army in 1952.   Green Berets were sometimes worn by members of the unit in the field but were not officially authorized.   In October, 1961, President John F. Kennedy authorized the wear of Green Berets by Special Forces personnel.   Since then, Special Forces soldiers have often been known simply as "Green Berets".  No other US military unit is authorized to wear a green beret.  

US Army Special Forces units have served in more foreign conflicts than any other US military unit in modern times.   We quietly support US significant interests in over 110 countries on any given day; doing reconnaissance, training, advising, and direct action missions.

~~~~~~~~  HIGHLIGHTS  ~~~~~~~~~

April 5: the first SF veteran hiker stepped off from the archway at Amicalola Falls, GA, and did the approach march to Springer Mountain.   The next day, the Northbound Team unfurled the Special Forces Regimental Flag over the brass marker on top of Springer Mountain that symbolizes the official start point of the Appalachian Trail.

April 13: crossed the GA/NC border.   One state complete!

April 25: Jen and Omar summitted Clingman's Dome, highest point on the trail.  6643 feet!

April 30:  Funds contributed exceeded $10,000.   Achievement of a very important and emotional objective for us.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May 12: Crossed the NC/TN border for the last time.    North Carolina is complete!

May 23: Special Forces veterans Todd Sutherland and Ron Blanchard begin the southbound hike from the top of Mount Katahdin, Maine. 

May 24: Crossed the TN/VA line.    Tennessee is complete.   

May 26: Funds contributed now exceed $16,000!  

June 20: Maine complete.

June 30:  New Hampshire complete.

July 20: Virginia complete!   Will Melton, aka SnakeEater, aka King Melty, hiked all of Virginia with other hikers joining him for some sections.

July 20: Vermont complete!

July 22: West Virginia complete!

July 26: Maryland complete!

August 2:  Massachusetts complete!   Funds raised now total over $30,000.

August 21:  Hike complete!    Over $38,000 raised so far!

BELOW:  NORTHBOUND on the morning of April 6, the Special Forces Regimental flag was displayed over the brass marker at the top of Springer Mountain.   It was snowing and sleeting at 3782 feet in the mountains of north Georgia and spirits were high.   De Oppresso Liber!

BELOWSOUTHBOUND on May 23:  Todd Sutherland unfurls the Regimental flag in strong wind on Mount Katahdin, Maine. 

Supporting veterans' organizations:

SF Brothers  Special Forces Brothers.

SFA Logo Special Forces Association.

To Donate:

To donate to the Green Beret Foundation, please use the link provided below.

Or, mail your check to:

Green Beret Foundation

ATTN: Green Beret Appalachian Trail Walk and Fundraiser

14402 Blanco Road, Suite 101

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Many, many thanks!